Would you like to grow your business?

Hi, I'm Denise and this is my marketing company - Freckled Zebra. If you are frustrated by the results you are achieving with your marketing and not seeing the business growth that you want, I can help. I create marketing content and strategy for people who are serious about serving their audience, creating real connections and increasing revenue. Scroll down to find out how I can help connect your business with your ideal customers and achieve the business growth that you desire.

Why Be Uniform 

When You Can Be Unique

Standing out is dangerous for a zebra.

Not standing out is dangerous for a business.

Customer’s can’t  spot you in a sea of sameness.

If they can’t spot you, they can’t become part of your herd.

What do you want from your marketing?

Red Freckle - Marketing Services

To sell more products?

To have a waitlist for your services?

For people to recognise you or your brand?

Because all of these mean the same things.

Growth, increased revenue, being seen for all the right reasons.

Achieving your purpose.

Realising your dreams.

Getting what you want.


But to achieve these things you need to attract more customers.

Keep those customers.

Get those customers to spend more.

How do you do this?

By developing, growing, and nurturing strong relationships.

By providing real solutions to your customers problems.

By showing them that you are the answer they have been looking for.

This is where I can help.


Because in a fiercely competitive, crowded world it’s hard to stand out.

I know. I have run a medium sized business. It’s tough.

Whether you are a small, medium, large business, or agency.

There are so many demands on your time and focus.

You can’t be chasing everything.

So, it makes sense to get someone with expertise in standing out to help with one of the most crucial components of your business.

Your marketing.


We Freckled Zebras are in the business of standing out.

And will bring this knowledge and experience to your business.

I will help your business get seen by looking at it through the binoculars of your ideal customer.

Creating marketing that will resonate with this customer.

Empathetic content.

Attention grabbing copy.

Engaging social media content.

All relevant because it is created to serve your audience.

But, most importantly I will ensure effective marketing.

Marketing which is not created for the sake of being creative.

Marketing created to provide value to your customers.

Giving them the information and solutions they are seeking.

Created to build strong relationships with your customers.

Achieving what you want.


Ensuring you get spotted by people who believe in what you do.

Who love what you do, and why you do it.

Your herd.


Picture what it would mean if you could attract more customers to your business?

Real customers. The kind that shares your passion for what you do.

The type of consumers who value your unique offering and wish to become loyal to you.


Does it feel like growth, increased revenue, being seen for all the right reasons?

Does it feel like achieving your purpose, realising your dreams for your business?

Does it feel like success?

Does it feel like something you want?

If so contact me now. 

To arrange a free (and totally obligation free) one-hour strategy discussion.

Or a free (and, again, totally obligation free) website appraisal.

And let’s get your marketing achieving the results you desire.

my Services

Copywriting Content
Marketing Strategy

Help to plan the best way to maximise your marketing ROI by establishing the most effective and efficient way to reach and engage with your customers, avoiding unnecessary expense.

Copywriting / Content Creation

Build strong relationships with your customers with copy and content that is creative, engaging and relevant. Copywriting, EDM campaigns, flyers, website and social media content, catalogues...

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Website Online Marketing- Freckled Zebra


Whether you need an e-commerce website or a purely informative site, I can create a site to suit your strategy.
Alternatievly, lets take a look at your existing website and see if I can make it work better for you.

Social Media

Social media strategy has one goal – to drive customers to your offer. I can take care of scheduling and create copy and content that will  excite communities of loyal followers . 

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Social Media Strategy - Freckled Zebra
Social Media - Freckled Zebra
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