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Without wasting time and money on ineffective marketing.

Hi, I’m Denise. You’re either here because you desire strategic, goal-driven content, or you were curious about freckled zebras. If you need a copywriter and marketer who creates content that achieves results, then scroll down to find out more. If you are curious about freckled zebras, you’ll need to do another Google search 😉

Why Be Uniform 

When You Can Be Unique

Standing out is dangerous for a zebra.

Not standing out is dangerous for a business.

Customer’s can’t  spot you in a sea of sameness.

If they can’t spot you, they can’t become part of your herd.

Want help to take your business to the next level?

Red Freckle - Marketing Services

Bring your marketing to life, increasing awareness and conversions, with copy created to sell.

Have trouble coming up with ideas for content? Don’t know what to post on your SM accounts? Realise the value in growing your email list but don’t know how to do this? And then how to convert that list into ready buyers? Would love to create value-laden reels and videos for your customers but aren’t sure how or what to create?

I offer affordable marketing packages for businesses of varying stages in their growth journey.

I will help you determine the most effective way to communicate your value proposition to your market.

I help you clarify:

What is your value proposition? Who is your audience, (we will get quite detailed here)? Why would they value your offering? What information would your customers find valuable? What tone of voice best represents your business and helps create rapport with your audience?

Then we determine a strategy to best reach and engage with your customers.

And I write converting copy that has them hitting that purchase or contact button.

Picture it.

Customers reaching out to buy from you because they now know you, and have come to like and trust you.

Because your content has assured them that you provide the best solution for them.

Your customers want to know that you’ll deliver. With my help, your marketing content will assure them of this. It will reveal your knowledge, your authenticity, passion, experience, and your dedication to serving them.

Your content will convince your audience that you provide the best solution.

Finally, achieve a measurable ROI for your marketing costs.

Because everything I write and produce is created for conversion and aligned with your strategic goals.

Its job is to get results.

I’ve run a medium-sized business. I understand that your marketing spend must get results. Measurable results. Every single post, email, blog, and video, must be strategically driven. And creatively executed to achieve maximum impact. I will help your business get seen by looking at it through the eyes of your ideal customer.

Creating marketing that will resonate with this customer.

Empathetic, attention-grabbing, and engaging social media content, emails, blog posts, website content, sales pages…any content you need.

All relevant because it is created to serve your audience.

Now your marketing can become a solid investment rather than a recurring expense.

If you would like me to help you grow your business, then contact me now. 
To arrange a free (and totally obligation free) one-hour strategy discussion.
Or a free (and, again, totally obligation free) website appraisal.
And let’s get your marketing achieving the results you desire.

my Services

Copywriting Content
Marketing Strategy

Help to plan the best way to maximise your marketing ROI by establishing the most effective and efficient way to reach and engage with your customers, avoiding unnecessary expense.

Copywriting / Content Creation

Build strong relationships with your customers with copy and content that is creative, engaging and relevant. Copywriting, EDM campaigns, flyers, website and social media content, catalogues...

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Website Online Marketing- Freckled Zebra


Whether you need an e-commerce website or a purely informative site, I can create a site to suit your strategy.
Alternatievly, lets take a look at your existing website and see if I can make it work better for you.

Social Media

Social media strategy has one goal – to drive customers to your offer. I can take care of scheduling and create copy and content that will  excite communities of loyal followers . 

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Social Media Strategy - Freckled Zebra
Social Media - Freckled Zebra
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