Who am I?

I am a friend, an ally, a helping hand.
A creative marketing force committed to achieving the best results for my clients.
My purpose is to ensure that you thrive.

Denise Tilley

About Me

or, What I Can Do For You

Writing your own ‘About Me’ page is notoriously hard.


What do we say about ourselves that isn’t boring or boastful?


I could list my credentials, degrees, courses, relevant work, etc., but I see you’re already yawning.


So let me begin my story with how I got here.


My marketing journey began as a love story.


I fell in love with a man who had just taken over running his family business.


The company was struggling.


Profits were dismal, staff morale was low, and decisions were being made to close some stores.


I studied psychology and marketing and was excited by what I learnt.


Applying my newly found knowledge to help save a business that had been in my husband’s family for three generations made perfect sense.


And when I saw the power of effective marketing and how it can transform a business, I was hooked.


Have you ever witnessed this?


The results can be incredible.


We went from break-even to seven-figure profits with a marketing overhaul that applied a customer-centric approach.


I’ve since learnt a lot on my marketing journey.


And it can be summed up as a matchmaking exercise.

Your offering will make someone’s life a little or a lot better.

My job is to find a way to bring you together.

This is what I do.


I connect and convert.


Conversion copywriting is designed to get your customers to take action.


But what action, you ask?


Well, that depends on your goals.


For example, is your goal to drive traffic to your website through social media?


Then you may need an inspiring paid social media post on a channel your audience spends time on.


Or would you like more people to subscribe to your email list and send them a well-designed email sequence to build trust, ultimately leading them to purchase your offering?


Then you’ll need a value-laden offering, a landing page, and emails relevant to your audience.


The possibilities are many, but I can help you create the right strategy for your business.

Contact Me for a free discussion, and let’s work together to achieve your goals.


P.S. Coming from a business background, I know the importance of achieving an ROI for your marketing spend.

Bachelor of Arts – Marketing & Psychology
Copywriting Essentials – Australian Writers’ Centre
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Me in a French Bistro

Fun facts about me (if you’re curious about what I get up to when I’m not helping businesses succeed).

  • I love to exercise – I run, mountain bike ride, teach Hot Pilates, go to the gym, hike, swim, ski …. anything involving movement (yes, sitting still to write is hard!).
  • My all-time favourite book would have to be Wuthering Heights. But I also love Anna Karenina and Lolita (squirm at the topic, but the writing is masterful). But my first ever favourite book was Little Women. I could recite the first chapter by heart.
  • I also love poetry. 
  • I’ve travelled extensively and am constantly in awe of this incredible planet.
  • Coffee is my drug of choice.
  • I like observing people just going about their lives. Not in a stalkerish way but more as a study of humans in society.
  • My favourite food is berries, picked and eaten at the bush.
  • I hate honey.
  • Mosquitoes love me.
  • I’m a ‘why?’ person.
So now that you know me a little better, let’s chat. Unless you’re a berry, I won’t bite 😉
About Me - Denise Tilley Freckled Zebra
Me in My Natural Habitat