Who am I?

I am a friend, an ally, a helping hand.
A creative marketing force committed to achieving the best results for my clients.
My purpose is to ensure that you thrive.

Denise Tilley

Marketing is not about me, it’s about you.
However, you need to know that I know what I am doing. Or, justifiably, you are not going to trust me with your business. There is far too much at stake for you to hand over your Marketing Communications to just anyone. 
What excites me about marketing is the link between understanding the drivers of human behaviour and the application of this knowledge to enable the connection of business’ solutions to consumer problems.
It’s a challenge—and I thrive on a challenge.
I have a degree in both psychology and marketing. I didn’t study psychology to become a practicing psychologist. I understood that as noble as this work is, it is not for me. But I do have a passion for learning about humans and why we do the things we do. And marketing is an ideal application for this understanding. The two studies fit me perfectly.
I have always been a ‘why’ person. Ever since a small child I annoyed grown-ups with this word. Fortunately, I had an intelligent and patient grandmother who, over sweetened cups of tea and yummy slices of coconut cake, would try to answer my barrage of questions. Whilst extremely useful, Google is no substitute for a wise and loving grandma.
I began my career as General Manager of a large and diverse retail company with the word ‘why’. Why do we do it this way? Which always led to ‘is there a better way to serve our customers?’
And marketing played a pivotal role in the answer.
By understanding who we were serving, we could better adapt the solution to meet their needs. And this understanding led to a turnaround in company performance.
What does this mean for anyone seeking the services of a marketing professional?
I understand the role of marketing from an operational viewpoint.
I see how it can and should work. The results it can achieve. The real-life application and impact of what I create.
Having a business background also gives me insight into the importance of achieving a ROI for your marketing spend.
I will produce marketing communications which are effective in achieving your business goals.
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Bachelor of Arts – Marketing & Psycholigy
Copywriting Essentials – Australian Writers’ Centre
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