Landing Page Sample – Cheer Cheese

Landing Page Sample – Cheer Cheese

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Landing Page Sample - Cheer Cheese

The client wanted a landing page written to promote the Cheer Cheese, shredded range. The promotion was for the food service industry, and the target market was chefs. The client wanted the landing page to drive traffic to product pages to order.

H1 – Reliably Delicious, Consistently Good, Conveniently Prepped – CHEERS to That!

H2 – Add melty, golden-cheesy, goodness to your menu items easily with our trio of delicious, shredded cheeses.

Learn More about how CHEER’s versatile range of delicious, shredded cheeses can make your prep more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Smooth Aussie Jack – Your perfect melting partner. Grab this one when you want to add a mild cheese flavour. Perfect for Mexican, nachos, tacos, burritos or any dish where you want a fast melt, minimal blistering and a balanced flavour.
  • Tasty Cheddar – The authentic bitey flavour of traditional block cheddar, conveniently shredded – your go-to, perfect all-rounder. Great for melting in a mac ‘n cheese or on a casserole, but also super tasty in wraps and sandwiches, or sprinkled on soups.
  • Perfect Parma Blend – No need to blend in-house when you have this blend of Aussie Jack and mozzarella on your team. With a mild creamy flavour, fine shred and designed to melt to a delectable golden brown, the Parma Blend is your baking and grilling friend.

Why not have the whole team helping you out?

  • No waste
  • No grated knuckles
  • Reduced prep time
  • Consistent texture and taste
  • Delicious melt
  • Scrumptious flavour
  • The right cheese for every dish

With all three in your fridge, you’ll be ready to bake, melt, sprinkle, delight…

Click here to discover how our trio of delicious, shredded cheeses can add the perfect cheesy flavour to your dishes without wasting precious time grating.

And ‘Bring a Little CHEER’ to your dish.


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