Marketing Strategy

Marketing & Content Strategy

"Help! I'm not getting results from my marketing"

Most business owners understand the need for marketing but try dabbling in a bit of everything and wonder why they aren’t getting the desired results.
A focused, strategic approach will ensure you meet your customers where they are, give them what they want, and convince them your offering will provide value in excess of the price.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy

"How will strategy help?"

Strategically driven marketing will not only increase your sales, but it will save you time and money.
Because strategy ensures that you are saying the right things to the right people at the right time. 

"How do we create a results-driven strategy?"

Strategy development involves comprehensive research.
We can meet in person or via zoom to talk about your business, goals, customers, competition, etc.
Then I help you achieve your business goals with a strategy designed for you. A strategy that ensures a return on your marketing spend and, most importantly, growth in sales.
Marketing Research
Marketing Costs

"But how much will this cost me?"

Your marketing spend should be an investment, not a cost. But my fees are as follows:

Marketing or Content Strategy 

2 x 1-hour strategy meetings (zoom or in person depending on location) – includes documented strategy. $400  

Sales Funnel Strategy 

1-hour sales funnel strategy meeting (zoom or in person, depending on location) – includes documented strategy. $250


We meet for 2 x 1-hour strategy sessions. During the first session, we discuss your business, goals, customers, competitors, etc. You then have time to think about our discussion before we meet again to answer any questions raised. I then go away and develop a strategy, which I fine-tune depending on your feedback.

Because I will ask you questions about your business to gain an understanding of how to help you, that you may want to have some time to consider.

I’d love to, but there are too many variables outside my control to guarantee results. However, I’ll be on your team for life once you have engaged me to help develop your marketing strategy. Please feel free to call me to chat about how things are going and talk through any problems you are having with your marketing.

Because I’m experienced in strategy development and have helped businesses, large and small, map out exactly where they want to go and how to get there. And saved them money on ineffective marketing.

The more information and insight into your business you can provide, the better understanding I will have. And the better I understand your business, the more effective your strategy will be. 

We’ll discuss that, and more during our second session.

A detailed summary of everything we’ve discussed as well as a marketing strategy created to achieve the goals you have outlined for your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the results you want from your marketing now!