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Crave delicious but want nutritious?

Here’s how you can have both.

Chips, chicken, salmon, pizza, meatballs…

Succulent and juicy inside, crispy outside.

While cutting fat by 75%.

The Tastebud Bliss Air Fryer makes healthy cooking a breeze 

And no messy clean-up.

Our delighted customers say

“Best investment on my health. Food comes out crispy and oil free”

“I wish I’d bought one sooner”

So, if you want quick, tasty, healthy meals.

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P.S. You no longer have to choose between delicious and nutritious.

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Want a dining experience you’ll be salivating about for months?

Hey (Name), I’m so excited you’re coming to visit. Only a few weeks away now. I can hardly wait! I’ve planned so much for us to do. All your favourite activities—some hiking, swimming in these cool, out of the way rivers I’ve discovered, mountain biking, camping on the beach…

The list is long. Bring all your energy. 

Anyway, I know how much you love the outdoors, and prefer the simple things in life. And I know you prefer a picnic or food cooked in the great outdoors. But I need to tell you about a place I’ve discovered that will change your mind about eating out.

Now before you stop reading (I know you well) here me out.

This is no ordinary place. I understand that when you think of eating out you think you have one of two choices.

One, the cheap kind of place, where food is a commodity, there’s way too much of it and it’s boring, greasy, and mass produced. To the staff, you are just another paying customer to get fed and out the door as soon as possible. There’s no atmosphere, no genuine experience, just a money-making machine (see, I quoted you there).

Like that place we went to last summer when we were starving and desperate. What was it called? Frankie’s or something? Anyway, I know you hate eating out at those places and that you’d (nearly) rather starve.

And then there is the other end of the spectrum, where you pay the price that it would cost to send a child to school in a third world country. Sure, the food is usually good, and the wait staff are good at pretending they care about you. And yes, the food comes in much smaller servings so that you don’t have to feel the guilt about waste. In fact, sometimes so small we have to go grab a burger after.

But I know how much you loathe pretentious places and the idea of spending so much money on entertainment. I hear you. I always feel guilty after too.

So, I’m totally with you on this.

But I love to occasionally experience new food. And sometimes it’s nice to eat out, surrounded by other people. So recently I said yes when a group from work invited me to try out this new place in town.

And, I have to tell you, it was amazing! I’m not exaggerating. It was the best food I’ve had since I can remember. Everything tasted fresh, was cooked to perfection and the delicate combination of herbs and spices…was to die for. It is simple food made exceptional by the brilliant combination of ingredients. Nobody else in town creates food this good. I’m still dreaming about it.

The place was really cool too. Decorated authentically, it had atmosphere without being tacky. It’s only a small restaurant so feels cosy but set out so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting with your neighbours.

The staff was genuine and lovely. They greeted us with a smile, were attentive without being ‘in your face’, and the menu was big enough to have plenty of choice, but not so big as to overwhelm. And the prices were reasonable.

And the best bit, well for you, they had plenty of vegan options! I even had a couple of vegan dishes myself and they were soooooo good. And you know how I love my meat 😉

You order small plates, so you can taste lots of different dishes. It makes it a fun experience. We all had a great time, and I was so full after. But not like that gross full you get from over fried cheap food. Just a nice contented full.

And at the end the chef, who is the owner, came out and told us about his home country and about how and why he and his family moved here. He was so sweet and invited us back again.

Now, try to guess what sort of food it was? I bet you can’t. I still can’t believe it’s come to our small city.

It’s Nepalese. And you’re going to love it. I guarantee. But if you don’t believe me, check out the reviews below….

See how good they are. And it’s only been open a few months.

So, we have to go before it becomes crazy popular and we can’t get a booking.

Please tell me you’ll give it a try and I’ll book it. it’s amazing!

Can’t wait to see you and share my new discovery.

Lots of love, Me

P.s. If you email me back today, the first drink will be my shout 

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