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The client wished to promote the sale of Gift Vouchers of his service during the Christmas period.

The client wanted an email promotion that was clear, but not a pushy sales pitch. 

We have maintained the tone of voice which represents the clients relationship with his customers – friendly, light hearted and with some humour.

His target market is both genders, middle aged upwards, mid to high socio-economic demographic, who appreciate a well maintained car, have either little disposable time, or are physically unable to polish a car themselves, but understand the value in this offering.

Subject Line – What’s the Perfect Christmas Gift? 🎁
What is it that everyone longs for?

Our secret (or not so secret) wish.

I’ll give you a clue, it’s not another pair of socks 😉

It’s more time.

That elusive, yet greatly valued prize.

‘But how do you gift someone time?’, I hear you ask.

You buy them something that will save them time.⏰

Like a Jim’s Car Detailing Christmas Voucher.    

It’s the perfect, twice giving gift.

Not only will they receive the pleasure of driving a beautiful car. 🚘

But you will also give them the gift that everyone wants.

More time.

Time to spend doing something they love. Spending time with their family, enjoying a hobby, or just relaxing. 🏌️

I can’t think of a more perfect gift—can you?

 It’s as simple as clicking here and following the prompts.

(And, you don’t have to get your car dirty to get it)

Order online today to see their smile on Christmas Day. 😍

Cheers, Graeme

P.S. I’ve already detailed Santa’s Sleigh ready for his big night out 😉 🎅

Sample email promotion - Jim's Car Detailing

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