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One of the most important Marketing Services that I offer is Strategy Development. It will guide your Marketing Communications. But before I can create a Marketing Strategy, I need to understand your business. What are your Company goals, ethos and values? What do you want to achieve from your Marketing efforts?

For some businesses it will be about sales, online and/or offline, and the growth of these. Or it may be about brand awareness or lead generation. However, unless I know this, I will waste time and resources pursuing the wrong outcome. I also need to know who your customers are or who you want to attract as customers. What drives them to choose to interact with your business. This will dictate strategy, how we reach them, how we speak to them and what we talk to them about. From here I can work out the most cost-effective, direct and simple way of achieving what you want. 

Content Creation / Copywriting

I understand that it's hard to try to be creative with content when tired from managing a business. It’s possible, but not always easy. Outsourcing this task makes good business sense. The expertise of a competent Marketing Specialist will add value to your communications. Once again, writing is something most people can do. However it encompasses various levels of proficiency. And it’s important to be engaging if you want to keep your audience listening. 

My Marketing Services incorporate Copywriting and Content Creation. I can discuss what you might need in terms of content creation. This can be as much or as little as you require and varied as needs change. Content creation includes website, scheduled social media, regular emails and and catalogue content. In fact, anything you may need written, designed or composed. Once again, this would include adhering to set budgets.

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Social Media

Social media can be a powerful way to communicate very cost-effectively with your market. But it must be used wisely. Which platform/s to use, how, when and by whom, all need to be determined according to your Marketing Strategy. It will also be determined by your Target Market, or the audience you wish to communicate with. Rules need to be established and consistency with brand and voice maintained.

I will create a schedule for posts aligned with your Marketing Strategy. You can choose to have me post on your behalf or I can provide you with a plan and structure to create your own posts. I can also help you to deal with any problems. Content needs to be created for purpose and according to strategy. Message intent, tone, voice and brand must all be considered when communicating with your audience. All communication must be strategically managed, and I can help you with this.

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Website Creation

One of the Marketing Services I offer is Website Creation. I can build you a website (or freshen up your existing site) and produce a website which will best suit your needs. Simplicity and design for purpose are key. You may require a basic, informative website. This would contain information about your offering, contact details, opening hours. Information valuable to your consumers. 

Or you may choose to engage in e-commerce. I can discuss what would work best for you.  Again, considering objectives, budget and ongoing upkeep. Design must maintain brand consistency and authentically represent your business/brand. Your website should also be designed so that minor changes can be made easily and with minimal costs. The last thing I want to create is a high maintenance site.

Website Analysis

Ok, you have a website but perhaps it isn’t performing quite as well as you’d hoped. Or maybe it is performing quite well but as technology is an ever-adapting and evolving force, it could be made work even better. You may be getting customer queries or frustrations after visiting your website. Abandoned shopping carts are one sign of this. You may also have become so familiar with your site and how it operates that you fail to notice its limitations.

This is where fresh eyes can spot opportunities.  I will analyse your website and report back. There may be potholes on your site that make it a bit bumpy.  Or it may contain detours which make it difficult for customers to navigate. Website design is all about usability, simplicity, enjoyability and  consistency. It’s design must enhance User Experience (UX). I can map it out and suggest some minor roadworks to improve traffic flow and navigation. I may even suggest the addition of some nice trees to make it a more enticing journey.  Or, I can organise to go ahead and do a complete redesign. Whatever works for you and your business/brand goals.

Why Talk to me About your marketing

Your marketing spend has to achieve a ROI just as any other investment in your Business/Brand. I understand this and will make recommendations based upon that calculation; that is, what it will return for you, not me.

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