Words, Words, Words…

Words, Words, Words…

Why You Need to Invest in Considered Content.

Words, words, words. The world is full of words!

But here’s a question—when you read ‘Words, words, words’, what did it make you think of?

For me, it was the song from ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘Show Me’. But I grew up on musicals and Julie Andrews. When I googled the phrase, it came up with a rap song by Bo Burnham and a song from the musical ‘The Witches of Eastwick’. Both of which I had never heard of before.

How is this relevant?

Because it illustrates perfectly how your words, your content, must match your Target Market. They must resonate with your audience. Because when I thought of ‘Words, words, words’, as a fifty-year-old female, they brought a smile to my face in the recollection of one of my favourite movies.

But the reaction may be quite different if you were a young adult hearing those words, which would hold a different meaning altogether; or perhaps not have a meaning at all.

If you want your words, your content, your message, to resonate with your Target Market, it must be written in such way as to connect with this market. To hold meaning for them. And, better yet, to make them feel the way you want them to feel when interacting with your brand.

This is not a simple task. I mean, it is simple to write words, they are everywhere, but to write words that make a connection, that is a different matter.

And what is the point of putting out content if it fails to make a connection? It’s just more words, words, words….

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